Just a reminder that we are not currently open for historic tours.

We are currently working with the city of Bartow to begin offering historic tours by March of 2019. Thank you for your patience!

Please remember that the Wonderhouse is our private full time residence, which means this is our home, so trespassing is prohibited. 

1926, Bartow Florida. Construction began on a house that was once considered an engineering marvel of it's time. With two concrete bridges spanning thirty feet each across a pond that used to house koi fish, leading you to an imposing stone fortress, it's hard not to fall in love and imagine you have teleported into a fantasy novel. Even the full history of the house is shrouded in mystery, since no source tells the same story twice. 

The Wonderhouse was once a former Florida tourist attraction in the post depression era, and today hides behind a canopy of spanish moss and oak trees. A dime would grant you admission into the house, filled with oddities and curiosities that you still hear about from the folks that visited as children. 

90 years and two bouts of abandonment later, we acquired the Wonderhouse in disrepair, rescuing it from an uncertain fate.  

This is our journey as we bring the Wonderhouse back to life.